Born in Rosenheim, Bavaria, Felix Biller started his musical education at the age of four. Throughout the years he tackled many instruments, such as guitar and saxophone, but piano always remained his instrument of choice and mastery. His classical training gives him an excellent technique; his eagerness to learn and think outside the box makes him search for new inspirations and opportunities for artistic development.

In High School he played in various formations, not only gaining experience, but also contributing to their repertoire. Performances in his hometown helped him to form his musical maturity.

Biller lives and works in Vienna, where he received a bachelor's degree in musicology at the university of Vienna, being followed by a master's degree in music management at the danube university Krems. Currently he studies jazz/pop-piano (bachelor) at the university of music and performing arts.

He is continuously working on his style and composing. Influences hearable in his compositions are the Swedish group e.s.t, the Neil Cowley Trio or Avishai Cohen and he draws inspiration from jazz, classical music, minimal, film scores or folk music. Virtuosic technique, his ability to match a minimalistic with a dynamic approach and ingenuity makes him a great performer and teacher as well. He combines these two aspects in his professional life, engaging in various musical projects, giving private piano lessons and teaching at the music school “Klangspiele”. Both performing and teaching allow him to not only improve his skills, but also work with people, which he highly enjoys.

He’s keen to work in other parts of the music industry as well: since april 2018 he is part of the organization board at the NYC Musikmarathon Workshop & Festival in Mattighofen, Austria.

In november 2015 he released two EPs on Bandcamp. He has experience in working as a session musician for soundtracks with the Austrian low-budget film “Hooker Patrol”. Various study trips to workshops like “Jazz bei Tulln", the jazzweek in Burghausen or the “Popkultur Festival Berlin” and regularly joining masterclasses from the likes of Iiro Rantala or Cory Henry widen his artistic horizon. He is fortunate to work and play with international musicians in diverse places around the world (e.g. New York, Istanbul, in Austria at Musikverein Vienna/Muth/Bösendorfer Salon/Musikwerkstatt Wels, in Germany at Weserburg Museum Bremen, in Czechia at the Jazz Brno Festival, in Slovakia at the ACF Bratislava, in China at DDC Beijing or Ningbo New Library etc.). His musical collaborations include artists and bands like Mel Verez, Dezier, Maham Suhail, the Tanja Paucanovic International Band, Philharmonie Vienna with Vijay Upadhyaya, Leaves & Cassis, Sebastian Hesselmann among others.

The project currently closest to his musical aspirations is the trio PRIM. In July 2016 they released their debut album “More & Less Diminished”, which was described as showing “how jazz in Austria can and should sound” ( One year later (18th july 2017) they released the EP 40 Days. Invitations to festivals include the jazzahead clubnight Bremen, Jazz Brno or NYC Musikmarathon among others. A tour in china, funded by the Austrian Cultural Forum Beijing and the Austrian General Consulate Shanghai, followed in september 2019. The band was featured for instance in the Ö1 jazznight, radio Styrialounge, Radio Orange 94.0 or the Czech station Radio Proglas.

In may 2020 the trio will release their new album.