"music expresses, what can't be said and is impossible to be silent about,"

the famous Victor Hugo once said. Being able to express yourself with an instrument can enrich your own life very much.

If you've discovered the piano for yourself, but need support in the difficult learning process, then you've come to the right place.

I teach piano in the genres jazz / pop / rock and jazz theory. Everyone is welcome, old and young, beginners and advanced. In German or English, it does not matter!

Also, I give lessons in music theory and ear training, for example, to prepare for a difficult entrance exam at a music university.


  • Private lessons (including a trial lesson with 50% discount) (25 min - 10 EUR or 50 min - 18 EUR):
    • Single lesson (25 min - 20 EUR or 50 min - 35 EUR)
    • Block of 10 or block of 5 in 6 months time (5 block) or 1 year (10 block) (preferably weekly or 2-weekly) / payment in advance (10x25 min - 180 EUR or 10x50 min - 325 EUR / 5x25min - 90 EUR or 5x35min - 160 EUR)
    • 16 lessons per semester (october-january, march-june, weekly, also double-lessons possible) / contract-based / minimum term 1 semester / termination until 1 month before ending of the semester / payment in advance or monthly installments in advance (16x25 min - 300 EUR or 16x50 min - 540 EUR / monthly 75 EUR for the 25min version or 135 EUR for the 50min version)
    • 4 lessons per month (weekly or every 2 weeks double-lesson) / contract-based / minimum term 3 months / termination until 1 week before the end of the last month / monthly payments in advance (4x25min - 75 EUR or 4x50 min - 135 EUR)

Classes can take place in my music room or at your home. If you want lessons at your home, this will be charged individually with an expense and travel lump sum.

  • Online coaching via video chat (also possible as a supplement to one-to-one lessons, incl. Trial lesson with 50% discount):
    • Single coaching 25 min - 20 EUR
    •  Block of 10 in indefinite time (10x25 min - 200 EUR)


Contact me for lessons here