"music expresses, what can't be said and is impossible to be silent about,"

the famous Victor Hugo once said. Being able to express yourself with an instrument can enrich your own life very much.

If you've discovered the piano for yourself, but need support in the difficult learning process, then you've come to the right place.

I teach piano in the genres pop/rock/jazz. Everyone is welcome, old and young, beginners and advanced. Both in German and English are fine.

Also, I give lessons in music theory and ear training, in order to prepare for a difficult entrance exam at a music university for example.

Credentials relating to my teaching activities can be found in my bio and the news section.

Offers & Conditions

  • Trial lesson (1x): 50% discount 25 min - 12 EUR / 50 min - 20 EUR
  • Single unit: 25 min - 25 EUR; 50 min - 40 EUR
  • Block of 5 / Block of 10:
    • Validity: Block of 5 - 3 months / Block of 10 - 5 months
    • Prices (incl. discounts):
      • Block of 5: 25 min - 115 EUR / 50 min - 180 EUR
      • Block of 10: 25 min - 230 EUR / 50 min - 360 EUR
  • Semester Course:
    • 16 units (October-January / March-June)
    • Prices (incl. discounts):
      • Per semester: 25 min - 380 EUR / 50 min - 600 EUR
      • Per month: 25 min - 95 EUR / 50 min - 150 EUR
    • Contract based
    • Minimum term 1 semester / termination up to 1 month before the end of the semester

The lessons can take place in my music room, at your home or digitally (online coaching per video chat). If you wish to have lessons at your home, this will be offset with a flat rate of EUR 10 per 1h travel time (round trip) for expenses and travel costs. Teaching materials such as piano schools, transcriptions and more, can potentially be provided for an individual surcharge, depending on your individual wishes.

General Conditions: All offers are valid for 1 student. Payment is always made in advance (cash / transfer). In the event of late payment, a fee of EUR 10 per month applies. The cancellation of a lesson should be made duly at least 48 hours before the agreed time for sufficient reasons, otherwise the lesson will be omitted (this also applies in case of unexcused abscence). A maximum of 2x canceled lessons can be made up for. A lesson canceled by me will of course always be made up for (for a block also in the case of an expired validity period). In this case I offer 2 alternative dates. For a semester course, a lesson to be made up for can also be postponed to a possibly following semester. Separate agreements are made in the case of situational exceptions such as a longer illness or else.


"Felix is ​​very nice and aims to adapt the lessons to one's personal musical preferences!" - Lisa

"My son felt very comfortable. Everything was perfect and he's looking forward to the next piano lesson. Thank you!" - Regina