Born in Rosenheim, Bavaria (Germany), Felix Biller started his musical education at the age of four. Throughout the years he tackled many instruments, such as guitar and saxophone, but piano has always remained his instrument of choice and mastery. His classical training gave him an excellent technique; his eagerness to experiment and think outside the box makes him search for new inspirations and opportunities for artistic development.

Biller is both an involved learner and dedicated teacher. He graduated from musicology (BA) and music management (MA) and continues his musical education pursuing jazz piano studies at the University of Music and Performing Arts in the Austrian capital Vienna, where he lives and works. As an educator, he enjoys working with people of different ages and backgrounds, which is made possible through his teaching activities at the music school "Klangspiele" as well as in a private setting.

While patient and systematic as a tutor, Biller is ebullient and charismatic as a musician. He is open to new ideas and influences: he believes an improvisation session with a student may be as inspiring as a classical composition by Johann Sebastian Bach. Esbjörn Svensson, the Neil Cowley Trio, Brad Mehldau, The Bad Plus, John Cage and others have all exercised a lasting influence on his compositions. Skillfully combining diverse musical concepts, Biller manages the balancing act between intellect and emotions and his live performances are a delight for both.

His main artistic focus is on his trio PRIM, which was founded in 2015. Their newest album, "Garnet Tales" (2020, Alessa Records), garnered widespread critical acclaim and has been described as “sharp” or “daring” with Biller serving as “the driving force behind this trio that is not afraid of adventurous and improvised jazz” (Jazzflits, NL). Among other things, they received an invitation to the Central European Jazz Showcase 2021 in Brno (CZ) as one of the selected ensembles and have already been enthusiastically received in many places.

Biller also actively supports the musical scene by organizing workshops and festivals. Since 2018, he is a co-organizer of the NYC Musikmarathon Mattighofen in Upper Austria. He is also a frequent guest on radio, TV and other media formats worldwide and can be heard there musically (Ö1, Jazz FM, Radio Wroclaw, Radio ARA, KAN, WartaJazz Indonesia, …). His musical activities, which have taken him, among others, across Europe (Austria, Germany, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Poland, ...), to Turkey, the USA or China, also include collaborations with choirs such as the choir of the "Philharmonie Wien”, masterclasses and workshops (e.g. invitations to "Pop-Kultur Nachwuchs" Berlin 2017 and "Intl. Jazz Platform Footprints Edition 2021" Lodz), concerts at both national and international festivals (e.g. Popkulturfestival Berlin, jazzahead! Clubnight Bremen, Jazzfestival Steyr, Lublin Jazz Festival) and in various venues (e.g. Porgy & Bess Vienna, Musikverein Vienna, DDC Beijing, Time Beacon Ningbo) as well as writing film music (e.g. “Allesandersplatz” 2020 with co-composer Christoph Karas and its premiere screening at the “achtung berlin Filmfestival” 2021 including a nomination in the section "Berlin Spotlights").